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Paul en Diantha uitbaters Logies Het Hemelsveld


Our story 

In 2015 we found this authentic square farm from the 1930s, surrounded by greenery and fruit trees, with beautiful blossoms in the spring. The idea to share this with others soon followed: Logies Het Hemelsveld was born.

The name 'Het Hemelsveld' refers to a historic district of Alken, and is appropriate for the feeling that the farm and the large green garden evoke for us. The farm also has a long history, which we like to refer to in the accommodations, each with their own touch.

We're looking forward to your stay!

Paul & Diantha

Familie Keupers op binnenplein hoeve
Dochters familie Keupers met Amerikaanse militair Tweede Wereldoorlog
Kinderen familie Keupers

The farm has a long history as the home of the Debout and Keupers families. When some members of the Keupers family heard that we had purchased the square farm, we quickly came into contact with them, from whom we were able to hear the most special anecdotes first-hand.

They are fascinating stories about what life was like on the farm in the past: where the bees, chickens, rabbits and pigs were kept, the planting of the nut tree when the farm was built and which still stands today, the location of an old well with the clearest water on the street, from which delicious lemonade was made...

It is a history that we also like to tell about and refer to in the rooms, each with their own touch.

Vakantiewoning 'De Paardenstallen'
Vakantie appartement 'Den Hooyzolder'
Tuin Logies Het Hemelsveld
Vakantie appartement 'Het Zwaluwnest'

In May 2016 we opened the first holiday home 'The Horsestables', a cottage in the garden that we transformed from an old empty former horsestable into a country-style holiday home with lots of light.

The pleasant experiences with guests followed in quick succession, and the desire and space to create additional guest accommodations quickly presented themselves: the appartments 'The Hayloft' and 'The Forge' each opened about a year in succession. In the spring of 2021 we completed the picture with 'The Swallow's Nest'!

Keuken vakantiewoning 'De Smidse'